Met Office storm warning: Thunder and lightning to strike in 24 HOURS – heatwave shattered

UK heatwave temperatures compared to 1976 by Ros Atkins

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The warning is in place from 1pm to 9pm tomorrow, with heavy showers set to accompany the storms right across central, southern and eastern parts of England. The forecaster says while only a small amount of rain will be seen in most places, there is a chance of some isolated heavy downpours and lightning. In these specific cases, some areas could see 20 to 30 mm of rain in an hour, getting up to 50mm in three hours. The rain will come as relief to many who are shielding from scorching 40C heat today.

A total of 36 regions and local authorities are blanketed under this latest warning, which covers parts of Kent, Sussex, West Berkshire, central London and reaches past Peterborough to Nottingham.

In terms of what to expect, the Met Office is warning of public transport delays and cancellations due to flooding or potential lightning strikes.

Spray or sudden flooding could also cause difficult driving conditions and some road closures.

And there’s a slight chance of power cuts which could affect homes and businesses.

The new warning will be implemented just over 12 hours after the red extreme heat warning expires. 

Much of the country is currently sweltering in heat of up to 38C, with a strong likelihood of some places reaching a record breaking 40C.

People are warned to avoid travel, and to keep hydrated as this unusual weather event takes hold over much of the UK. 

Just before 10am, Kew Gardens in south west London was the hottest place in the country recording 35.1C, closely followed by Heathrow Airport at 34.5C.

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