Merkel crisis: Quarantined Chancellor to unveil emergency budget in bid to save economy

Angela Merkel is expected to continue working to monitor the impact of the deadly coronavirus pandemic despite announcing on Sunday she had to self-isolate after coming in direct contact with a COVID-19 sufferer. The Chancellor is likely to unveil a new budget later this week in a bid to protect Germany’s economy from the ongoing outbreak, which has sparked panic among investors across the world. Germany expert Kate Brady told DW: “Possibly new measures later this week but particularly when it comes to financial aid.

“We’re expecting to see a supplementary budget come out this week of up to €156billion. That would be around 43 percent of Germany’s normal yearly budget.

“There’s still a lot to be done here in Germany and Angela Merkel will try to participate in as much of that as possible while she remains at home in self-quarantine.”

Asked about plans for Chancellor Merkel to continue working despite her self-isolation, Ms Brady said: “So far we know she will be continuing to work, at least as much as possible, from home.

“The Cabinet’s usual meeting on Monday will be taking place and she will be participating, most likely via video or by a telephone conference call.

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“The idea is it will very much be business as usual here. Of course, there are still constant changes in Germany to be dealt with.”

Like much of Europe, Germany has seen cases of coronavirus COVID-19 rocket in the past week, resulting in the Federal Government to issue a series of measures aimed at restricting social interaction and slowing down the spread.

On Friday afternoon the German Chancellor received a vaccine shot against pneumococcus, a pneumonia-causing bacteria, from a doctor who later tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement.

On Sunday, Germany announced they were banning gatherings of over two people due to COVID-19.

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For at least the next two weeks, people will not be allowed to form groups of more than two in public unless they live together in the same household or the gathering is work-related.

As part of stricter rules, restaurants can only offer takeaway services and hairdressers and beauty, massage and tattoo parlours must close.

Experts in Germany, one of the largest economies in Europe, are now indicating the country’s economy could shrink due to the outbreak of the virus.

The situation is believed to be growing so dire in Germany that DekaBank economist, Andreas Scheuerle warned the virus was “now in control” of the country.


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Thomas Gitzel of VP Bank, also insisted the economy’s recent decline from the coronavirus outbreak is “mind-blowing”.

He added: “Honestly, secretly an even more pronounced crash was to be expected.

“This does not change the fact that the decline compared to the previous month is mind-blowing.

“This gives an idea of how hard the German economy will be hit by the consequences of the coronavirus.

“It should be no consolation that it may hit other economies even harder, which means that at the moment no other country is buying German goods.

“We are currently experiencing an unprecedented standstill of our global economy that has never been there in times of peace.”

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