Meghan puts her own emotional needs before Harrys in moment spotted by expert

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are renowned for painting themselves as a resolutely strong couple – always offering each other support when they need it most.

However, according to a body language expert, Meghan's own emotional needs often “trump” her husband’s.

Body language expert Nicole Moore looked back at the couple’s hit Netflix series and noticed several moments where Harry seemed to display anxiety.

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One moment captured her attention significantly.

During a scene where they were in the car together, Harry was visibly agitated by the press following them behind, said the expert, before Meghan reached out and held Harry’s hand in response.

She believes Harry’s anxiety could “stem mostly from how much Meghan’s anxiety affects him”.

Nicole told The ListMeghan offered “minimal support to Harry while he's dealing with anxiety”.

Although Meghan does reach for her husband's hand in support, Nicole said the way in which she took “a deep inhale at the start of the clip while her body remains stiff” suggests she was nervous.

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In contrast, Harry “had more relaxed shoulders” but was “pensive” and chose to “look out the window”.

Nicole suggested Harry “appeared to have less anxiety at this moment than Meghan” but went on to say this seemingly small moment could indicate “a larger dynamic at play” for Meghan and Harry.

She claims Harry is less worried about himself “as much as he’s worried about Meghan”.

In one scene Harry is seen offering words of comfort to Meghan by mentioning how they were only 10 minutes away from friends.

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But it was Meghan's response to this that really intrigued Nicole, as the Duchess “acknowledged his comment” but didn’t make effort to “connect” with Harry.

She expanded on this point further and suggested Meghan “offered a minimal dose of support to Harry” but “remained completely connected to her own anxiety and concerns the whole time”.

Nicole said: “In this clip, the dynamic appears to be: Meghan’s inner discomfort comes before Harry’s.”


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