Mans horror as he goes down waterslide and kicks girl into pool by mistake

A waterpark customer was having his "best time in life" going down a slide until he hit a small girl at the end of the tunnel.

Adrian shared a footage of the accident after he went to Island Waterpark in California, US, in June and condemned the staff for not doing the job right.

Sitting on top of the waterslide, he said the lifeguard gave him a green light and told him to go down the waterslide.

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Overjoyed by the thrills and speed, Adrian chimes an echo until the moment just before he drops into water.

A small girl comes into frame as she is sitting at the exit of the slide and playing on her own.

"I hit a little girl!" he wrote in the video.

"You can hear her scream but I'm glad she was okay! Lifeguards need to pay more attention."

Adrian hits his nose on the girl's back and they both tumble into the pool.

When he gets up, he shouts to a nearby lifeguard: "Hey there was a little girl over there!"

After the accident, Adrian was left fuming as he said the guard did not do anything to help.

"I was p***ed at the lifeguard at the bottom because he didn't go in after, or anything. I helped her out," he explained.

His video went viral on TikTok and many couldn't hold their laughter when they saw the mishap happen.

One said: "I know I'm wrong for laughing but the little 'ahh' go tme."

"Why is this so funny when it shouldn't be, oh my God!" a second teased.

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But some agreed with Adrian that it should have been the lifeguard's responsibility to ensure everyone's safety.

A man wrote: "From a lifeguard who worked there last year, this is completely true and was 100% the guard's fault at the bottom."

Another, who also claimed to be a lifeguard, added: "The top of the slide can only see so much, it's the bottom lifeguard's job to look and give the guards at the top the go ahead."


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