Man who put e-cigarette in babys mouth for viral clip faces 20 years in jail

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A man who "jokingly" placed an e-cigarette into a baby's mouth for a viral social media video has been arrested.

The unnamed businessman, 23 was detained yesterday (August 8) by police in Johor, Malaysia, according to North Johor Baru district police commander Rupiah Abd Wahid.

Rupiah explained that the baby was in a restaurant with its mother, her sister and the man – reportedly a friend of the sister – at the time of the incident.

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"All of a sudden, the man who was carrying the baby had jokingly placed the non-functioning e-cigarette into the baby’s mouth," the commander said.

"This was recorded by the mother’s sister who posted it on social media and it went viral."

The 17-second video went viral on Friday (August 5). The man was seen carrying the baby and placing the vape into its mouth. A woman could be heard laughing in the background.

At no point in the video did the toddler inhale any fumes from the device.

Rupiah said her team received a police report on August 6 from the mother of the seven-month-old girl, leading to an investigation and the man's subsequent arrest.

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Police will apply for a remand order under Malaysia's Child Act tomorrow (August 10), relating to him exposing children under care to danger.

According to Rupiah the man could be punished severely.

If found guilt he is facing a possible 20-year prison sentence, a RM50,000 (£9,279) fine or both.

The police commander also urged the public to be responsible with what they post on social media.


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