Man who murdered entire family at 15 pens creepy dating profile from cell

A deranged killer who brutally murdered his own mum and dad before shooting dead his two younger brothers has penned a creepy dating profile from his cell, admitting he has a “gallows sense of humour”.

Evil Nicholas Waggoner Browning was just 15-years-old when he took his father’s gun and coldly shot him dead as he slept before firing bullets into his mum and two siblings, Gregory, 13, and Benjamin, 11.

The sick killer then went to a pal’s house to play video games and invited mates over to his home for a party the following day.

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Browning later called 911 to report he had found his dad’s lifeless body before confessing to the bloody rampage and being charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

But now, the convicted murderer has released a chilling letter explaining he is “looking for a good conversation” and is “open to talking to anyone”.

He wrote: “As you can imagine, prison isn’t overflowing with people in whom you want to confide…

“I take my pleasures in the little things now – rather conveniently, given my circumscribed privileges – music is certainly one of those.

“On the inevitable difficult days, a quiet afternoon in my cell with some good music is a diverting metaphorical escape. I’m partial to indie rock.”

In an earlier blog post from his cell, a brazen statement read: “I struggle with whether it’s obscene for a murderer to write.

“It’s a wonderful break from the monotony of this place, and I always try to write with a desire to never take myself too seriously.

“A sense of humour (even if sometimes of the gallows variety) has gotten people through much worse situations than my own.”

Browning, now aged 30, also uploaded casual snaps of him smiling in a pair of jeans in a bid to find someone to write to him.

He states that while inside, he has manged to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and is working on an MBA.

After admitting to the morbid crime, he claimed he carried out the killings because his parents John and Tamara were abusive alcoholics.

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According to forensic psychiatrist Neil Blumberg, Browning later talked about the murders “like he was talking about taking out the trash”.

He claimed the troubled teenager was looking forward to eating dinner alone and doing what he wanted.

Browning’s eerie profile finished: “I’ve tried my best to make some semblance of a life here. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have family and friends who have taught me so much, shown me so much love. They have helped me to grow beyond the scared, angry, and broken child I was. I’d love to hear from you.”


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