Man on run for a year arrested after walking past federal agent at Disney World

A fugitive who had been on the run for nearly a year was finally arrested after he casually walked past a federal officer at Disney World.

Quashon Burton, 31, was miraculously spotted by postal inspector Jeff Andre at the Florida amusement park on October 20.

Burton disappeared from Brooklyn, New York, after he allegedly obtained a coronavirus relief aid through fraudulently means.

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But his luck fell short when Andre, who happened to be working on his case, was on vacation at the same time as him, according to WDWNT.

The officer said he recognised Burton because of his unique tattoo, which has the letter H linked.

According to the federal complaint, he reportedly stole the identities of at least four people, in a bid to take out government PPP loans used to help those struggling during the pandemic.

Prosecutors said the fugitive used a cash machine to buy money orders from a post office to retrieve the money after the loans were approved.

He is said to have taken a whopping $150,000 ( £131,839.16 ) in federal loans.

Prosecutors stated that Burton “has clearly demonstrated an ability to mask his true identity to evade law enforcement. So too has he demonstrated a willingness to lie about this identity to avoid arrest.”

Authorities declared him a fugitive after they stormed into his property and couldn't find him.

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Burton continued to use the identities and even gained access into Disney World by using one of them, reports New York Post.

Andre noticed him at around 3pm and alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office about his sighting.

Cops identified Andre as an officer and confirmed that he analysed a photograph of Burton before they confronted him shortly after at a bus stop with his family.

However, Burton refused to show his ID or to admit who he really was, before assisting arrest.

Prosecutors branded him an "extreme risk of flight" and requested that he remains in custody.

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