Man dies from violent infection after eating ‘one in a billion’ bad oyster

A Florida man has tragically died after contracting a bacterial infection from a ‘one in a billion’ bad oyster.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the unnamed man had been eating at the Rustic Inn Crabhouse in Fort Lauderdale.

After cowing down on the bad shellfish, he came down with Vibrio to the shock of the manager of the establishment who said he had served a 100 dozen oysters that day.

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Gary Oreal reportedly said: “He had that one in a billion that was bad. I feel horrible.

“Oysters are top of the mountain for dangerous foods to eat. I have eaten them my entire life, and will continue. But you are putting yourself at risk when you do it.

“Over the course of 60 years, we have served a couple billion oysters and we never had anyone get sick like this guy did.”

Following the incident, Mr Oreal says the Florida Department of Health inspected the kitchen and it passed ‘with flying colours.’

Vibrio, otherwise known as cholera is a violet infection that can be found in bad shellfish.

Symptoms include severe watery diarrhoea and vomiting as well as intense dehydration accompanied with dark yellow and strong-smelling urine.


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