Man cut in half by forklift shows off ‘new wheels’ as amazing recovery continues

A man who suffered life-changing injuries following a gruesome forklift accident has acquired some "new wheels".

Loren Schauers lost the bottom half of his body after a forklift fell onto him from 50ft in a tragic workplace accident on September 27, 2019.

Loren, from Great Falls in Montana, US, and his wife Sabia Schauers-Reiche now document their day to day lives on social media, showing their followers every step of his incredible recovery.

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Loren has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram and took to the social media platform earlier today (Wednesday, October 4) to share images of his new wheelchair. He shared two snaps of the new chair, one captioned "anotha' one" and the other "new wheels".

Loren recently revealed that, before losing half of one of his arms and the entire bottom half of his body, he used to be a wrestler.

Last month he and Sabia shared a new vlog on YouTube where he showed off some of his wrestling skills despite his injuries.

After jokingly managing to pin Sabia on their bed, Loren said: "You're not going to choke me out, I used to be a wrestler." A flustered Sabia exclaimed: "It just all happened so fast, I was just going for a hug, the next thing I knew we're wrestling, the next thing you took me down."

It comes after Loren got out of hospital following a health scare. He wrote on social media at the time: "Drink water like no other in life. Yet I’m still needing to be put into the E.R (emergency room) for a kidney infection and my body passing a kidney stone. Why does there always have to be some catch?"

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