Man cut in half by forklift shares touching meaning behind new animal tattoo

A lad who was cut in half by a forklift has shared the sweet sentiment behind his newest ink.

Former construction worker Loren Schauers, 20, lost the lower half of his body and his right forearm after a horror work place accident where he fell 50ft off a bridge in 2019.

On landing he was devastatingly crushed by a forklift and in order to save his life, doctors performed a hemicorperectomy amputating everything below Loren's waist.

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Loren, from Great Falls in Montana, US, has since launched a YouTube channel with his wife, Sabia Reiche and in a recent live stream Q&A session, several of their 496k followers were curious about the his latest tattoo.

The tattoo in question is of an elephant and on Loren's left bicep, and during the live stream Loren revealed that the ink is a touching tribute to his wife.

Speaking from his couch at home while sitting next to his wife and their beloved German Shepherd Atlas, Loren explained he wanted something to match Sabia's body art.

Responding to questions about his recent addition, Loren said: "I keep seeing questions asking what my newest tat is. It's just an elephant tattoo in tribute to Sabia, because Sabia has a tattoo of me on her forearm as you guys know."

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After asking Sabia to lift up his T-shirt sleeve so fans could get a better look at the tattoo, Loren goes on to say that it is still a work-in-progress and isn't finished.

He plans to add "that circular Nordic symbol" which might refer to the symbolism in Norse Viking mythology, and "negative space" to the tattoo to "give it some depth".

Their viewers were then treated to a bit of shaky footage of the couple thanks to Atlas deciding to roll around and accidentally knock the camera.

In the same Q&A session, the married couple revealed just how much their dog dotes on Loren.

He continued: "Yeah it's actually really cute, we should do a video of it but yeah Atlas whenever I'm up in my wheelchair or I'm not moving, he'll be right by me. Always, sitting right next to me."

Loren turned to Atlas to say: "Ain't that right buddy?"

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Sabia, 23, whose surname Loren has decided to take as his own, added: "As soon as Loren is out of bed, Atlas is like in protective mode and is at his side, like 'this is my human'."

Following the young labourer's life-changing injuries, his family had to decide whether to tell doctors to go ahead with the hemicorperectomy.

Loren's loved ones feared he could resent them for keeping him alive without his whole body but he woke up in hospital asking to keep him alive even if he was just a "head on a plate".

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