Man, 29, arrested for ‘moving barrel containing dead escort’ across state lines

A man has been arrested for his alleged role in a gruesome crime which involved transporting the remains of a New York sex worker in a barrel.

Mother of three Nicole Flanagan's body was tragically found after locals called police to complain about a 'foul smell' coming from the container.

Aquello Parker, 29, is accused of helping to move the body of Flanagan, 44, from New York City to the residential neighbourhood of Ridgefield Park in New Jersey.

Ms Flanagan was last seen alive entering an upscale apartment building in New York with a known member of the notorious SNOW crime gang.

There was reportedly no sign of injury to Ms Flanagan, of Queens, and authorities say they are still awaiting the results of toxicology tests, New York Post reports.

Parker turned himself into custody on Sunday, officials said.

It is understood that the ex-con brought a large plastic barrel into the apartment building and was seen reversing a van into the rear entrance with an identified man just one day later, sources say.

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It was not clear if Parker was the individual driving the vehicle.

Parker, 29, has been charged with moving and/or concealing human remains, being an accomplice to desecrating, damaging and/or destroying human remains and conspiring with a co-defendant to disturb, move, conceal or desecrate a deceased body.

No other arrests in the case have been reported at this time.

Speaking about Parker and the other unidentified man to the New York Times, a neighbour said: "They were cool looking, young. You wouldn’t think anything of them.

"They were very respectful to me and always would start a conversation with me in the hall," he said, adding that they played loud music but that was his only complaint.

The resident, who declined to give his name, said that "police asked me if I smelled anything funny" but he could only recall the smell of "pot and bad air freshener".

"I didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary," he added.

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