Male prostitute robs woman, kills puppy and threatens murder for breakup

A woman has claimed she received death threats from a male prostitute after she tried to end their arrangement.

The 32-year-old woman who goes by the name Boom in the Isaan province of Udon Thani in Thailand said that 26-year-old sex worker Sarawut also stole from her and murdered her puppy.

The Thaiger reports that Boom is a single mother of four who often gets lonely and as such has recruited the help of male prostitutes because she does not want a serious long-term relationship.

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Speaking to local media outlets she said: “I’m embarrassed to talk about this, but I think this is too much, and I have to do something.

“He threatened to kill me. Someone also told me that he is a drug addict.

“I’m terrified and wanted to warn other women to be aware of this man.”

The pair are understood to have met on an online dating app and she eventually began to pay him for committing sex acts.

Reports claim he lives in the province’s Bor Sila district and would travel to see her in Baan Dung.

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It wasn’t until she discovered that a £750 gold necklace went missing that she began to suspect that something was wrong.

She alleges that more and more items began to go missing and eventually CCTV showed that he had killed her puppy.

She claims that when she tried to break it off with the man he threatened to kill her, leading her to go to the press in a bid to raise awareness about her situation.

Boom said that it wasn’t only this man that she had paid for sexual services, but reports only appear to show that this particular individual had caused any trouble.

She moved house two years ago to be near her children, upping sticks and making the more than 300km switch from Buriram province to Udon Thani province.

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As part of her fresh start, she set up a travel agency business that enjoyed success and earned good money through her efforts.

Some of this money was spent on hiring sex workers, and some on buying them presents.

Thaiger reports that she had in the past bought men a motorcycle and clothes.

She says she paid the prostitutes between the equivalent of £7 and £24 each time they liaised.

Police have provided no update on the case, but Boom is understood to be sheltering in temporary accommodation.


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