Lucky Irish pot of gold as Kardashians hail country’s seaweed a skin superfood

The lucky Irish are sitting on a pot of gold – after the Kardashians hailed the country’s seaweed a skin-boosting superfood.

Sales of Irish sea moss have rocketed 27% in the past month after Kim said she used it in smoothies and her sister Kourtney’s lifestyle website Poosh hailed it great for "mind ,body and beauty".

Selfridges now stocks £40 tonics, £30 jars of edible gel and £7 milkshakes made with the weed which grows in rock pools and inlets along Ireland’s Atlantic west coast in Co Clare and Galway.

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Chondrus crispus – or Irish sea moss – is a type of crimson or gold seaweed rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium and iodine and said to help with everything from gut health to reducing inflammation.

Kim, 41, shared an Instagram Story of a purple-coloured breakfast drink she captioned “sea moss smoothie – plant based life” followed by a love heart emoji.

Her 43-year-old sibling Kourtney’s website said though the word moss “may not make you lick your chops in anticipation of asking for seconds” it was “nutritionally potent” and touts a very long list of “benefits”.

“It doesn’t have much taste or colour so you can blend it well into meals and drinks without it becoming the star of the show or you having to hold your nose while you choke it down,” the site added.

“Sea moss is also a great food or product thickener.

“Use a powder or paste to whip up raw desserts instead of going heavy on extra fats like coconut cream to bulk it up.”

Videos about how using its gel results in clearer skin have gone viral on TikTok.

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Londoner Gee Williams, 40, who sells sea moss tonics and milkshakes under the brand Rumedii, stumbled on it looking for products to help her seven-year-old son who has short gut syndrome and struggles to absorb nutrients.

“Six months after I started making it at my kitchen table I got an email asking if I wanted to stock it in Selfridges,” she said.

“The response has been phenomenal.”

Health experts have called for more research to identify all its benefits.

High iodine levels mean consuming too much could be harmful.

Bhupesh Panchal, senior regulatory affairs associate for health food retailer Holland & Barrett, said: “More research is needed into the claimed health benefits of sea moss in humans.

“But early effects are promising on studies into similar seaweed and algae.”

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