‘Lucky’ diver fights off 8ft hammerhead shark with camera stick while fishing

A diver has made a quick escape when he had a close encounter with a hammerhead shark while going spear-fishing in the sea.

Dion Creek, from Queensland, Australia, was hunting for crayfish in Magpie Reef off Princess Charlotte Bay on Wednesday, November 25.

An action camera footage shows the spear-fisher searching for the crayfish before an apex predator comes face-to-face with him.

Dion quickly swims backwards and appears to shove the shark away before the camera angles moves to point upwards during the close battle.

He shared the video on Facebook and wrote: "Diving for crayfish. Next minute this 6-8f Hammerhead Shark came out of nowhere!"

In an interview with 9News, the dad-of-one said: "I was about to adjust the camera I just caught the shark coming out the corner of my eye.

He added that he had to hit the shark another two times with his camera stick before he made a safe escape.

"I pushed the first time, it came at me again," Dion continued. "I hit it the second time and I pushed it away the third time, just to push away from it."

Dion swam back to the water surface unharmed and reached to the boat.

He recalled the moment: "I was the only person in the water, there were only two people in the boat.

"Looking back on it I'm actually quite lucky, but at the time it didn't faze me.

"I don't want to be a statistic so next time I need to be more careful and take some more safety precautions and have another diver in the water.

"Next week I'll be buying myself a lottery ticket."

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