Luckiest UK town for lottery winners revealed – see if yours makes the list

The luckiest places in the United Kingdom have been revealed, one one are having a whopping 103.04 lottery winners per 100k residents.

The experts at WDW Bingo have calculated which parts of the UK are home to the most prize winners of the postcode lottery.

More than 43,000 postcode lottery winners were looked at, dating between 2011 and 2023.

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And topping the list, and the place you might want to move to if you fancy winning some extra cash, is Lancaster.

Just over 103 winners have bagged a prize out of every 100,000 residents in the area.

It has had 342 wins since 2011, which when divided by the area's population, comes out at 103.04.

Coming second is Shrewsbury with 356 winners from 350,587 residents in the SY postcode area.

That puts its lucky score at 101.54.

And third is Darlington in County Durham.

Out of the population of the town, 356 winners have been made, which gives them a totally of 96.71.

A spokesman from WDW Bingo said: “The postcode lottery has declared over 43,000 winners since 2011, giving away millions of pounds to players around the country.

“Not only does it support players with great prises, but has a rich history of supporting charities, having given over £1billion to various charities over the years.

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Recent data suggests that around 70% of over-18s take part in the UK lotteries showing just how many people are hedging their bets that they might be the next lotto millionaires.

“Games such as these give many people the opportunity to make life-changing amounts of money, which now more than ever with the cost of living could be a huge help.

“Although the chances of winning are still low, if you live in these areas, you might be in with slightly better odds of winning big.”

  1. Lancaster
  2. Shrewsbury
  3. Darlington
  4. Llandudno
  5. Exeter
  6. Swansea
  7. Taunton
  8. Telford
  9. Torquay
  10. Hereford

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