Lotto winner who won £8m ‘picked up cop girlfriend who stopped him speeding’

A lottery winner who bagged £8million has boasted who he picked up his cop girlfriend when she pulled him over for speeding.

Former lag Kursat Yildirim, the man who found fame when he netted a £8.7million lottery jackpot win last year, has spoken of a chief inspector he appeared smitten with.

Yildirim, 42, who is known to his fans by his nickname Chico, has since recalled the chance encounter with a red-haired police officer who he showed off in a series of social media snaps.

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Chico and his girlfriend, known as Candice N, 36, had been dating secretly for months after the lottery winner was pulled over.

She said: "Mr Yildirim thought he was coming down the street a little too quickly and didn't see that I was standing at the intersection."

But when issued a ticket, Chico tried his luck and offered Candice out on a date, which she accepted because he was "persistent".

Former crane driver Kursat said: "I fell in love with Candice right away, the red hair, the freckles, her amazing body – I can't get enough of her.

"She has a big heart, radiates so much humanity. She is self-confident and has both feet firmly on the ground. I can rely on them 100 percent."

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It appears Candice is equally as in love with the lottery winner, and says she did not take him "for his money" as she has been "financially independent for a long time".

She continued: "To show me how important I am to him, he gave me a Louis Vuitton handbag. It brought me to tears. I love spending time with him. But I don't want to give up my independence."

She will continue her job as a state police officer as she dates Chico, who once spent time behind bars for fraud and robbery.

Following his release and subsequent lotto win, Chicho went on a wild spending spree and splashed out £1.3million in just a month on a V8 Ferrari 448 Pista and Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet, and a mansion to store them.

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