Longest python ever recorded was huge beast so large it died trying to lay eggs

An absolutely massive record-breaking python was so gargantuan it died when it tried to lay its own eggs.

Thought to be the longest python ever recorded, the eight-metre-long behemoth was found on a Malaysian building site on this day (April 7) 2016 and smashed a World Record for longest snake ever caught.

The previous record holding snake measured in at 7.67metres, with that 25ft monstrosity losing out on its notable record to a titan-like reptile found in Penang.

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But the 26ft snake which claimed a world record back in April 2016 sadly died after attempting to lay eggs, presumably creating a batch of super snakes that would be the width of a tennis court.

Former world-record holding snake Medusa weighed in at a hefty 158kg and was housed in a haunted house in Missouri, United States.

The 24-stone behemoth, a reticulated python, had their record usurped by a fellow breed of snake that had been found in Malaysia and carried away by eight men.

Those who captured the snake were said to be working on building a flyover on Paya Terubong, the island of Penang, with emergency services called to the scene.

Operations chief of Penang's Civil Defence Department, Herme Herisyan, was tasked with delivering the tragic news of the Malaysian snake's passing.

The mammoth reptile had died attempting to lay its eggs, BBC reported at the time, in a tragic period for the massive creature.

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Mr Herisyan stated that the snake took a half hour to rescue, and although official record keepers never had the chance to measure it, the snake was believed to have been a record beater.

Speaking on the death of the snake, a fellow civil defence official believed the stress of its capture and rescue, as well as attention received at the time, likely led to stress during birth.

That birth sadly killed the snake off, with the mighty creature managing to lay one egg before going "quiet".

Before it died, the snake was set to be transferred to the government's Department of Wildlife, but the 250kg monster never made it to the department officials.

Typical measurements for the reticulated python are just three to six metres, rather than the stunning eight-metre find made back in April 2016.

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