Long range forecast: When will it warm up this spring? Will it snow again?

Long-range forecasts have revealed what the UK can expect from its weather over the next two weeks, as the country approaches spring. The end of winter comes on March 20, and according to weather forecasters, UK residents likely won’t feel much of a change.

When will it warm up this spring?

According to the Met Office, the UK will see a continuance of “unsettled” conditions into next week.

Their long-range forecast states spells of rain and showers will reign, but with periodic “sunny interludes”.

Parts of the north will see the world weather, while “drier and brighter” weather will follow.


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The forecast reads: “Staying unsettled at first with longer spells of rain and scattered showers interspersed with bright or sunny interludes.

“Across the north, some sleet or snow at times especially over higher ground.

“It will often be windy with a risk of gales in the west and northwest, and along coastlines.

“Through the period, the south may see a gradual change to more settled conditions with longer periods of drier and brighter weather, though some rain is still possible.”

“Further north, the wet and windy weather looks more likely to continue.

“Temperatures should be around normal or slightly below, especially in the north.

“If more settled conditions develop, there may be an increased risk of frost forming overnight.”

Weather maps from WXCharts predict temperatures in the UK would gradually improve over the next two weeks, going into the low double figures.

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WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, found temperatures will stick around 10 to 12C during the afternoon, but plummet again in the evening.

This week, morning and night lows come in at roughly 5C, with average highs of 11C.

Next week, temperatures plummet during the evening, with the same highs on March 17, but with lows of 0-1C potentially dropping into the minus figures.

The north will see lower temperatures slightly sooner, however, as much of the region is currently under a yellow warning for ice.

Will it snow again?

The Met Office predicts Scotland, the north above Leeds, and Northern Ireland will see snow and ice between 9pm on Wednesday this week and 10am on Thursday, March 12.

They said: “Showers are expected across the northwest of the UK from Wednesday evening onwards, these falling as sleet and snow even to low levels at times away from exposed coasts.

“Some accumulations of snow are expected, mostly above around 150 m where more than 2 cm is likely in places.

“In addition an area of rain will move across parts of southern Scotland and northern England on Wednesday evening, again with some snow possible but this mostly above 200 m.

“Surfaces will remain wet from this rain and the showers with icy stretches expected to form.”

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