London ‘will get a 12-hour warning’ before coronavirus lockdown

Londoners will get just 12 hours warning before the capital is placed into a coronavirus lockdown, it has been reported.

Speculation is growing that the government will urge people to stay at home unless absolutely essential.

Emergency legislation could be used to close down streets completely, restrict public transport networks and ban large public gatherings.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that a London lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus is "under review".

And it appears Brits will be forced into lockdown in the nation's capital by this weekend as officials label London a "city of superspreaders" and emergency legislation to tackle the coronavirus outbreak is published in Parliament.

Now, Daily Mail reports that London residents and business could be given just 12 hours’ notice of the new restrictions, and they would initially be in place for a fortnight before being reconsidered.

But there are said to be concerns the measures will be unenforceable in a city the size of London and could even lead to public disorder.

A source reportedly told the Mail: "All options are on the table. No decision has been made yet. We will take whatever steps necessary but no time scale has been decided upon.

"There has been speculation about police and the Army shutting down the streets completely. It is physically impossible – London is too big and there aren’t enough officers. It is unenforceable."

In an unprecedented move in peacetime, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the closure of schools as 20,000 soldiers were readied to move into the capital.

The government has already advised people not to go to pubs, restaurants, cinemas or restaurants to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

But the plans sparked fury from London Mayor Sadiq Khan – who claims he has been kept in the dark by Boris Johnson’s team.

A source close to the Mayor told the Telegraph: “We expect a shutdown of London but nobody in central Government is saying when that will be or what form it will take.

“The prime minister is saying we need to go faster and further and there is a spike of cases in London which is running ahead of the country but what that actually means the mayor’s office doesn’t yet know because Downing Street hasn’t said.”

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