London snow forecast: Capital braces for snow as up to 20 INCHES to fall across UK – map

BBC Weather: UK set for sleet and snow

London dodged much of last week’s snowfall, but a weather forecaster has said wintry conditions could move in towards the end of the month. The forecaster’s claim has been backed up by a number of weather charts, which show the UK will be hit by up to 20 inches (51cm) of snow on January 28.  Maps also show the capital is also braced for snowfall from 6pm tomorrow. 

A snow risk map by Netweather forecasts snow will blanket much of the country tomorrow.

The chart, valid for 6pm on Thursday January 14, shows much of the UK covered in a swathe of colour to indicate the snow risk.

London is also poised for snowfall, with a 60-85 percent risk, according to the chart.

Weather charts from forecasters Netweather and WXCharts both show snow is expected to blanket the southeast of England at the end of the month.

A snow risk map by Netweather shows snow is forecast in the south of England from the early hours of Thursday, January 28.

By 3pm the weather map shows a swathe of red and white cover Wales, the Midlands and the southeast of England.

The dark colour indicates the large swathes of the UK have a snow risk of between 80-100 percent.

The snow risk continues into Friday, but the forecasters stop producing data from midnight.

A second chart by WXCharts also forecasts snow on January 28.

At 6pm the weather map shows the same parts of the UK turn white and blue, indicating that they risk being hit by snow.

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The chart also forecasts snow depth, and shows that parts of Wales can expect 5.5inches (14cm of snow), while the capital can expect up to 1 inch (4cm).

A second chart by the forecasters shows that parts of Scotland could be hit by heavy snow of up to 20 inches (51cm) by midnight January 29.

Temperatures are also set to plunge during this time frame, with -10C forecast at 9am in Scotland on January 28, while south England is set to see the mercury dip to -2C.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services, told he was familiar with the weather charts but cautions that snow is not yet 100 percent certain at the end of the month.

He said: “The UK at that time remains on the fringe of all things European, an isolated island drifting off into the Atlantic.

“But the colder air will infiltrate – starting in the north and east and including London. It’s then a matter of how cold we get and the type of snow i.e. showers or mainstream frontal.

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“I happen to think both variants. Initially in shower form and sporadic; then possibly with Atlantic frontal systems moving in from the southwest, meeting the frigid air… and hey presto!”

The Met Office also predicts heavy snow could be on the way at the end of the month.

When stating the forecast for Wednesday, January 27 to Wednesday, February 10, they said: “Through this period there is a greater than average chance of cold spells across the UK with the associated risk of wintry hazards.

“There is potential at times for significant snowfall on the boundary between milder and colder air masses, with greatest risk across central and northern areas.”

BBC Weather forecasters said the period from Monday, January 25 to Sunday February 7 is set to be characterised by the return of wintry weather conditions.

They said: “In general, it will likely be on the colder side of average mixed with some mild, wetter spells that last for 2-3 days at a time.

“Between low-pressure systems, there will be some sharp cold snaps, with a chance that cold could well turn more widespread if the polar vortex lingers in Russia longer than expected.”

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