London courthouse remains closed after employee tests positive for COVID-19

The London courthouse will remain closed for the rest of the week after an employee from the building tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The news was shared in a memo sent to courthouse staff and stakeholders from acting deputy attorney general Irwin Glasberg.

The deputy attorney general added that the building’s manager, CBRE, is cleaning the courthouse in order to reduce the risk of exposure.

“The courthouse will remain closed through Friday to allow for this thorough cleaning to be completed,” Glasberg said.

The courthouse first closed on Tuesday after learning an employee had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

In an earlier memo sent to staff and stakeholders, director of operations Samantha Poisson said the courthouse learned of the employee’s diagnosis shortly after 9 p.m. Monday.

“Before being tested, the individual was at work between March 9th and March 10th and has not since returned to the building,” said Poisson.

She added that the employee had been directed to self-isolate at home and will not return to work until they’ve been medically cleared to do so.

The closure was set to last only one day, with the courthouse reopening on Wednesday, Poisson said.

However, on Wednesday, the Middlesex Law Association reported the courthouse was still closed.

Friday will mark four consecutive days of closure for the courthouse.

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