Locals in fear after man dragged underwater by crocodile as beasts raid homes

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    Locals are "living in constant fear" after a man was witnessed being dragged underwater by a crocodile while swimming.

    The attack along the Kali River, in India's Uttara Kannada district, comes during a rise in crocodile-related activity, as the beasts have reportedly recently entered villages and homes, and eaten livestock.

    It is unclear if the attack, which took place on Thursday, was fatal and police have yet to identify the victim, Newsroom Odisha reported.

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    According to police, the locals saw a crocodile attacking and dragging a man swimming in the river and informed the authorities.

    The New Indian Express reported in June that three people have died from crocodile attacks in the Kali River this year – with the local forest department putting up caution boards to warn visitors of the animals.

    “We live in constant fear. The safety of children is also endangered,” locals said.

    Residents also flagged their concern about multiplication of crocodiles in the Kali River and the threat posed by crocodiles leaving the river and entering a number of villages.

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    While searching for food, the beasts are reported to enter the homes, compounds and prey on chicken, cows and other cattle.

    The reptiles are said to come out of the river through drains attached to the river, and people have been demanding authorities to install iron mesh on the openings of drains to prevent their movement.

    Due to the increase in their number, there is shortage of food for them and they venture into villages and residential areas, the villagers said.


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