Lifetime ban for Burnaby teacher after sending sexual messages to students

A Burnaby teacher has been given a lifetime ban on applying for another teaching certificate after he sent sexual messages to students.

According to the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, Taylor Arthur Atrill was working for the Burnaby School District when the incidents happened.

A consent resolution agreement says between June 2017 and May 2018, he invited students to follow him on social media, where he posted pictures of himself drinking shots in bars.

During that time the resolution says he also sent private, inappropriate, and sexualized messages to five students in grades seven and eight.

In May 2018, Atrill was suspended for an unknown period of time without pay.

The resolution says in June, a school principal told Atrill he should not exchange text messages with or speak to students outside of school hours or off school grounds.

In July 2018, he resigned from the Burnaby School District.

In February 2020, Atrill entered into a consent resolution agreement.

The agreement says he would never again apply for a certificate of qualification, an independent school teaching certificate, or a letter of permission in B.C.

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