Lethbridge residents escape turbulent times, snowstorm by water painting

Amid a snowstorm and all the noise surrounding COVID-19, a group of ladies in Lethbridge decided to get together this afternoon to have a little fun with water painting.

The workshop mainly consisted of beginners who were looking for a new artistic activity to try out.

The amateur artists tried their hand at painting a few different things from landscapes to flowers and other abstract designs.

Organizers say it’s nice to be able to utilize art as a means of escape during turbulent times.

“I’m a self-taught watercolour artist and I just love it so much,” said organizer Colette Acheson.

“I find it’s a great kind of balance to the rest of life, which can be very busy and kind of stressful. So watercolour is very soothing and very calming to work with,” she said.

“It’s also a bit of an exercise in not being fully in control, particularly because of the properties of watercolour and how it works,” she added.

Acheson’s daughter was also at the event and is an avid painter as well.

“There’s so many different techniques, you can do splashes and different things,” said Heather Acheson.

“Some people take straw and blow the paint into different directions, and that’s a little more kid-friendly, there’s so many different ways you can take watercolour,” she said.

“I think it’s really beneficial, it’s usually bright colours, and you just get to create stuff,” Acheson said.

“It’s just freeing, because the water is fluid and so is your creativity.”

The workshop took place at the Blackfoot Family Lodge Centre.

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