Klitschko evacuation warning as Putin wants Ukrainians to ‘die, freeze or flee’

Russia has been accused of leaving Ukrainian's to “die, freeze or flee”, as Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of the country ramps up.

The scathing comments came from the Mayor of Kyiv, former boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko.

Speaking to the nation during a live television interview to local media, he warned that residents of the Ukrainian capital needed to “consider everything, including spending some time” with friends or family from different countries due to an increase in attacks by Putin's invading forces.

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He said: “If you have extended family or friends outside Kyiv, where there is autonomous water supply, an oven, heating, please keep in mind the possibility of staying there for a certain amount of time.

“His task is for us to die, to freeze, or to make us flee our land so that he can have it.

“That's what the aggressor wants to achieve."

His words were echoed by Serbia's President Aleksandar Vučić.

Speaking on how Russia took the embattled city of Kherson, he said that it was going to be a “defining moment” in the Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Speaking to Russia's TASS news outlet, he said: “We have a difficult time ahead of us, next winter will be even more difficult than this one, because we are facing the Battle of Stalingrad, the decisive battle in the war in Ukraine, the battle for Kherson, in which both sides use thousands of tanks, aircraft, artillery.

“The West thinks that in this way it will be able to destroy Russia, Russia believes that in this way it will be able to protect what it took at the beginning of the war and bring the war to an end.

“This will create additional problems everywhere.”

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And speaking at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt today, the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said:”The entire world is suffering because of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“This war must stop, this war, and the suffering it has caused, must finish.”

Putin shows now signs of slowing his war efforts down, despite suffering around 70,000 frontline soldier casualties.

The Russian President tried to call up around 300,000 reservists in a partial mobilisation effort in September, but less than half of that amount was actually sent to the frontline – with hundreds of thousands of Russians choosing to flee the country instead.

Russian officials have tried stamping down on protests in the country, but Russian locals are trying to fight back against Putin's invasion on a daily basis.

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