James Bulger’s dad fears Jon Venables will get plastic surgery if he’s released

James Bulger's dad fears his son's killer Jon Venables will get plastic surgery and strike again if he's freed from prison.

In 1993 the two-year-old was tortured to death by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson when the killers were just 10 years old.

Both served eight years in secure juvenile detention before they were released on licence with lifelong anonymity.

The Mirror reports that in the next few weeks, the Parole Board will consider whether to release Venables, now 38 and serving a 40-month sentence for possession of images of child sexual abuse.

James' dad Ralph Bulger, 53, is begging the Parole Board and the Ministry of Justice to keep him behind bars – and wants to know if Venables has had plastic surgery to alter his appearance ahead of his possible release.

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"He went on to commit more crimes against children. I don't believe he will stop until he has killed again," Mr Bulger told the Mirror.

"It's vital that when it takes place the Parole Board looks in depth at the sexual abuse of James when he was tortured and murdered by Venables and Thompson. It is directly linked to Venables' later sex crimes against children.

"If they don't take this into account, they are failing to deal with the magnitude of how dangerous he is.

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"He is a dangerous, predatory child abuser and killer and I am terrified he will strike again and harm another child like my James."

When James' body was found two days after he disappeared from his mother's side in a Liverpool shopping centre, there was evidence he had been sexually abused before his death.

Venables was revealed as a user of the dark web during his last trial, and Mr Bulger fears he is connected to an online ring of violent paedophiles.

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"If [the Parole board] let him out again and he commits further crimes, the board should be called into question to face accountability.

"Ever since James was murdered in 1993, the sexual torture of James has been brushed under the carpet.

"Venables might have been 10 years old then but now he is a grown man and a predator with a disgusting lust for children. He is wired wrong and has always been. I warned against his release the last time, but the Parole Board ignored me and instead were hoodwinked by Venables into believing he was reformed.

"Keeping him in prison is the only way to make sure he can't target kids again.

"He was given a second and third chance but blew it.

"We have also asked the Parole Board and the Ministry of Justice if Venables has had plastic surgery to change his looks to go with his new identity."

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After being released in 2001, Venables was recalled to prison in 2010 for having child abuse images on his laptop.

He was released in 2013 with another new identity, but was imprisoned again for the same offence in 2017.

Some of the indecent images found on his laptop were 'category A' – the most serious category of child abuse image.

Venables also pleaded guilty to possessing a "paedophile manual" that teaches adults how to have sex with children.

He will not be released until halfway through his current sentence, which will come in October, but can't be freed until the Parole Board recommend it as he has a life licence which means he is on parole for life.

Mr Bulger has campaigned for Venables to be stripped of his secret identity, but High Court judges have repeatedly blocked such efforts.

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