ISIS Beatle set for decades-long stint at maximum security jail no-one’s escaped

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The maximum security prison set to house ISIS Beatle member El Shafee Elsheikh is said to be a prison that few men ever leave alive.

The United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility is poised to receive Elsheikh, the 34-year-old now set for decades inside of the "Alcatraz of the Rockies".

US prosecutors say that Elsheikh's terrorist cell in Iraq and Syria, made up of four Brits under the "Beatles" banner, was responsible for a number of deaths, including dozens of aid workers and journalists.

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A jury earlier this year found the ISIS Beatle guilty of hostage-taking resulting in death, murder conspiracy and conspiracy to provide material to support a terrorist organisation.

But the prison sentence facing ISIS Beatle member El Shafee will be at ADX – Florence in Colorado, a prison renowned for its tough prisoners and isolation.

Inmates held at the facility include terrorists, mobsters, white supremacists, serial killers, drug kingpins, cult leaders and generally bad eggs not fit to be among the public.

The setlist of dangerous individuals spend 23 hours of their day completely isolated in supposedly soundproof cells of 7ft by 12ft with a four-inch slit above their heads to make for a window.

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Robert Hood, an ex-warden of the prison, said: "This place is not designed for humanity."

Describing the state of ADX Florence, Normal Carlson, the former director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons described it as a place for "a very small subset of the inmate population who show absolutely no concern for human life".

Nobody has escaped the prison, with most of the 341 inmates getting out through death, or if they're very lucky, a transfer to another facility, The Mirror reports.

A former prisoner within the facility, Travis Dusenbury, 53, spoke of what the ISIS Beatle could expect during his time on the inside.

Dusenbury, who was moved to ADX after assaulting a guard he felt was racist, said: "For many, it is brutal.

"When you enter the control unit where Elsheikh will be housed, the only thing you see is concrete. The bed, the walls, the desk, the shower, the bathroom are all stone.

"He’ll get three meals a day, that is the only human interaction he’ll have. The guards pass it through a slot in your cell, and that is it. No words are exchanged. To be entirely cut off from the outside world, never to see the sky, direct sunlight or grass, is destroying.

"You can see nothing that is living. The guards do not deal with you. They do not care. Many in there have no care for life. They’re killers who will still kill. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ISIS Beatle or not. If someone wants you dead, they’ll do anything to carry it out."

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