Iranian regime waiting for father ‘to improve’ before execution

Iran protests: Scenes of civil unrest against government

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An Iranian prisoner, and new father, has been offered medical treatment after alleged torture by authorities in order to look presentable for his execution, reports claim. Hassan Firouzi was arrested after being accused of joining a protest against Iran’s enforcement of hijab laws. According to the Iranian Human Rights Society, Mr Firouzi was tried under dubious circumstances at the Ray City Court in Sa’i Square.

He was accused of “leading protests, preaching against the regime, disrupting security” and more.

In audio recordings, Mr Firouzi claimed his belongings had been taken from him and that the accusations against him were false.

Hassan Firouzi is the father of a baby who was just 18 days old at the time of his arrest.

Audio tapes smuggled from where he was being held exposed evidence of Mr Firouzi’s torture, according to The Daily Star, and they go on to report medical treatment was only being provided so he would look less ill for his execution.

The IHRS also claim that, as a result of torture, Hassan Firouzi was previously taken to hospital for treatment earlier in December but was withdrawn back to prison before he could be seen and transferred to solitary confinement.

They go on to state that “strong blows of the chair on Hasan Firouzi’s body” has caused both the failure of his left kidney and severe internal bleeding.

However, an “informed source” told the IHRS that, when Mr Firouzi’s family visited him in prison, they were told he had been sentenced to death – but they would wait “until his physical condition improves.”

With his case now referred to the execution headquarters, it is understood Mr Firouzi’s family will be given just 24 hours notice of his execution.

Upon his arrest, Mr Firouzi was sent to the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.

In October, Amnesty International published a public statement calling for The Iranian authorities to “immediately allow independent international monitors unhindered access to Iranian prisons to investigate the harrowing use of unlawful force by security forces at Tehran’s Evin prison” after a fire.

As part of their statement, Amnesty says, “Given the lack of transparency, no official statistics exist on the number of prisoners in Evin prison, but human rights groups estimate that thousands are imprisoned there.”

“Even before the eruption of ongoing nationwide protests, hundreds of prisoners of conscience and others have been detained arbitrarily at Evin prison solely for the peaceful exercise of their human rights.”


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The IHRS have also expressed concern over several events that have taken place at the jail.

According to their website, The Iran Human Rights Society “reflects the news and pains of prisoners and their families.”

They explain that they seek “a free and peaceful Iran, without execution and torture.”

They go on to say, “Our reporters are friends who proudly provide us with news and developments in prisons and human rights violations in Iranian cities and provinces.”

The IHRS state: “Hassan Firouzi’s life is in serious danger of execution and his family is also in a very difficult situation. We ask all societies and human rights organizations and the United Nations Human Rights Council to take urgent action to stop the crime in Iran.”

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