Inside Noel Edmond’s ‘creepy’ Blobbyland before it was bricked up forever

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For most Brits, the name Mr Blobby will cause some kind of fever-dream like state of cold sweaty horror.

And new images of the former site of Blobbyland are doing nothing to calm that feeling.

In 1994, Mr Blobby was on everyone's television screens, accompanied by British television legend Noel Edmonds.

Capitalising on this, Edmonds decided to open a theme park – and it only lasted two years.

Based at the Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park, Crinkely Bottom was marketed as Britain's first TV leisure park.

It was also known as Blobbyland, and contained such incredibly named attractions such as “Animals of Farthing Wood” and “Fun Village”.

And now pictures from inside the derelict nightmare-fuel site of the once (not very) popular attraction have surfaced.

According to the experts at unofficial Blobbyland fan site “From its whimsical exterior through to its loopy 'Gunge Factory', nothing was going to seem normal in Blobbyland.

“Just next to its entrance was Crinkley Bottom Haute Cuisine Emporium, a restaurant and café.

“Attached to this was the Liszt and Newt pub, with a balcony that Mr Blobby was known to emerge.

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“Home videos and photos of Blobbyland tend to show Mr Blobby and his wife Mrs Blobby waving from the building's balcony, or prancing around in the makeshift chequerboard courtyard of the venue.

“With a simple white fence to stop children running into the performance space, the Blobby family would greet visitors and stop for photos.”

The site even had its own Mr Blobby House.

Made of chicken wire and polystyrene, the odd-shaped bungalow contained a small yellow bridge which crossed into the front door.

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It was covered in plastic flowers, a giant pink mushroom, while a giant pink and yellow toilet was also found inside, and other weird things befitting of the pink and yellow oversized creature – such as a doorbell that shouted “BLOBBY, BLOBBY, BLOBBY” at you.


The derelict images show that nature hasn't been kind to the site, which has been trashed by ravers and vandals many times over the years.

The site can be accessed via a tunnel from the nearby Cricket St Thomas Leisure Club – despite being covered by dense woodland.

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The Dunblobbin team added: “Frustrated by the number of unwelcome visitors, Cricket St Thomas staff attempted to block the tunnel, first with machinery and then a wooden fence.

“But still people came to explore. Eventually, in mid-2014, the house was razed to the ground and the tunnel totally blocked with breezeblocks, preventing any further intruders.

“Individual whereabouts of the items contained in Dunblobbin are not known, although the toilet was taken away to feature in an art gallery for a while.

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“It was a sorry end to such an iconic and bizarre feat of British popular culture.”

Mr Blobby does still make random appearances on BBC TV shows from time to time – mostly when viewers least expect it.

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