Inside life of TV host engulfed in flames with wife in horror plane crash

A popular TV host who was an avid flyer tragically died alongside his wife after his plane "engulfed in flames" following a horror crash.

Alexander Koltovoy, from Russia, desperately tried to make an emergency landing after his single-engine aircraft had caught on fire.

Despite his heroic efforts, the plane smashed into a field after a plume of smoke descended into the air over a highway in Moscow.

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The catastrophic crash ended in tragedy after Alexander, 41, and his wife was sadly killed after the nightmare landing on November 7, 2020.

In harrowing footage captured at the scene, "severely charred" remains of a body were found.

Alexander was best known for his hosting abilities on Russia's NTV channel, "DNK" (DNA) and "Zvezdi Soshlis" (Stars Aligned).

The dramatic show documented participants as they aimed to settle family dramas by taking a genetic test.

Much-loved in Russia, Alexander’s death sparked a wave of grief.

His co-host Lera Kudryavtseva fondly recalled: “He loved flying very much. He flew almost every weekend.”

On Instagram before the devastating accident, Alexander wrote: “I love to fly because the sun is in the sky every day," reports World Today.

Another presenter, Yulia Sivertsova, told Podyem telegram channel she was “shocked” at the news.

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Alexander’s actions as he fell to his death were praised, with public flight safety inspector Kirill Kondratenko saying the television star deliberately steered his plummeting aircraft away from residential buildings.

“If he walked straight, even with a hard landing, there would be a chance to escape… he could survive, but possibly kill people,” he told the Russian news outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The plane had passed all the technical tests before it took off.

The flight was authorised and the aircraft was in good condition, authorities said.

But eyewitnesses on the ground said the machine was behaving “strangely” in the air.

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Reports say Alexander turned the plane at 80-90 degrees, which loses speed and creates great risks for the crew.

“Within a few seconds, he abruptly banked and fell, and within a few seconds the plane exploded,” an eyewitness told the 360 TV channel.

“At the time of the crash, two more sports helicopters were flying over the field.”

In the interview, he claimed the plane was “chattering in all directions” before the plunge and burnt out in just five minutes.

Before Alexander’s bombshell TV shows, he spent six years at the Nauka 2.0 TV channel and ran the documentary cycle Sports Technologies.

Anna Kazyuchits, who took over his position as host of the DNA program, told NTV she pledged to “continue the work of Koltovy” by trying to “help everyone who comes to the studio”.


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