Inside greedy landlord’s hellhole with 40 packed in house – and one in shack

A greedy landlord who exploited migrants and vulnerable people by packing 40 of them into a room in London has been blocked from letting properties.

Jaydipkumar Valand, 48, has seen himself become the first ever person to get a banning order from Brent Council, in the north of the capital, and UK Border Forces who raided the home were even shocked by the conditions.

He was one of four landlords found guilty of raking in £360,000 by packing up to 40 tenants into a four-bed semi-detached home in Wembley in 2018.

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One of his tenants even lived in a rickety lean-to back garden shack made with pallets and a tarp, and with no electricity or heating.

Other tenants even lived on bunk beds in the garden shed, surrounded by sacks of rice.

The property rented for £6,000 a month was divided into seven bedrooms on the ground floor, two on the first floor.

Tenants were crammed five-to-a-room in bunkbeds and shared just two bathrooms and one kitchen between them.

UK Border Force officers, who raided the property, described it as the "worst" example of overcrowding they had ever seen.

There were a minimum of 25 people living in the house and there could at any one time be up to 40 people living there, the court heard.

Valand was hit with a £5,000 confiscation order, but later went on to exploit more vulnerable tenants.

He was again found guilty last January of breaching housing regulations at a different licensed house in multiple occupation (HMO) property in Wembley.

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Enforcement officers discovered fire safety violations, accumulating litter and unhygienic conditions under Valand's management while he trousered £1,400 a month from tenants living in unsafe conditions without tenancy agreements.

He was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay £3,347 costs at Willesden Magistrates Court.

Valand, who lives elsewhere in Wembley with his family, also declared that he didn't own a business in the UK.

But Brent officers were able to show in court last year that this was not true.

Valand was ordered to pay fines and costs of £6,190.

Now a judge has now banned Valand from letting out houses in England or engaging in any sort of property management work in the country for the next five years.

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