Incredibly sad human Barbie doll dies after taking herself off social media

A wannabe a human Barbie doll with a "brilliant sense of humour" has died.

A heartfelt tribute has been paid to Olga Arkhangelskaya, 32, by her close friend and fellow 'Barbie' social media star, Valeriya Lukyanova.

Ms Arkhangelskaya is understood to have died in her home city of Odesa, Ukraine on May 16, according to the news website Apostrophe.

Reports claim that despite the friends embarking on dreams of resembling a child's doll together, it was Valeriya who enjoyed the overwhelming share of popularity online.

Known to many as the 'Odessa Barbie', Valeriya who has over one million followers on Instagram, posted a note on the Russian social media website, VKontakte as a tribute to her friend.

Valeria said: "She was incredibly sad, and at the same time incredibly funny, with a sharp, simply brilliant sense of humour and sarcasm. She was incredibly strong yet incredibly weak and sensitive."

The local news website Life reported that the young women met and became friends ten years ago, gaining popularity together and dreaming of becoming Barbie dolls.

Valeria went under a vast number of operations, but Olga was not as fast in pursuing the dream and never achieved the same level of fame and success.

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The differences increase even further when Valeria left for the States to further benefit from her celebrity status, while her friend remained behind and tried to gain work as a designer.

She also stepped aside from social media postings, and would only post the occasional poem as a sign of her presence online.

One in particular was cited by her friends including Valeria as an indication that she knew she would not live much longer, which was titled: 'I Am Swimming In Time'.

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The roughly translated version of the poem that allegedly predicted Olga's death in May read:

Reach out your palm, take my words.
And suddenly, slowing down the race, the tired world will freeze.
Only May will remain, all sun and grass.
One fine day that became my sunset.

What caused the death of Olga is still unknown and it was not revealed whether she had chosen suicide in order to ensure that she died in May, as she predicted in her earlier poem.

Police have not commented yet on the matter.

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