‘I almost had to have my thumb amputated after horror experience at nail salon’

A petrified mum shared the moment she nearly had to have her thumb amputated after a horrific trip to a nail salon.

Beth Jozey, 25, decided to treat herself to some self-care by trying out a nail parlour before Australia plunged into lockdown in 2020.

However, the mum, whose daughter was only three months old at the time, was unaware that she would be making a life-altering mistake.

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Now, she has vowed to stick to cheap press on nails after she was hospitalised with a severe infection to the nail bed.

"I almost had my thumb amputated and now I only wear Kmart press on nails," she declared.

Upon arrival, Beth said the salon looked "beautiful" and "really clean" and she had no reason to worry.

However, she said it "all started to go downhill" after she realised the workers weren't cleaning their equipment in between clients.

She explained: "I noticed they would grab equipment from others bays. My best friend was sitting next to me and they would use a utensil on her then immediately swap it over to me.

"I didn't think anything of it really. I just thought 'okay, maybe it's fine I mean I don't know,' I didn't want to be that person that was like 'oh excuse me can you please wash that'."

The young mum said the cleanliness concerns didn't fully kick in because it was just the start of the pandemic, reports Daily Mail.

"We weren't in the mindset as a society yet of needing to be so clean because of covid," she said.

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The next evening she noticed her nails had "really started to ache" with an emphasis in pain on her thumb, which she compared to feeling "like an ingrown nail."

Two days later, Beth's mother urged her to go to the hospital after her condition became icreasingly worse.

She added: "It wasn't until I went to pick up a mug of coffee on my mum's outdoor table and I literally dropped it because the pressure of grabbing the mug on my thumb was too much.

"I've never felt anything like it. I just dropped the mug and it smashed and my mum was like 'nah you gotta go to the hospital'.

"I get in the car and rive myself to the hospital with my one thumb out, it was definitely not responsible driving."

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A triage nurse at the hospital became alarmed by Beth's temperature and she was subsequently admitted and diagnosed with paronychia.

"They did my blood count, and it came back as such a severe infection that they immediately transferred me to the other hospital for surgery then and there, to drain this thing out of my thumb," she explained.

"I went in and had the surgery and it was all good. They told me afterwards they ended up draining an absurd amount of puss and infection out of my thumb.

"They said if I had left it any longer to go to the hospital it would have gotten into my bone, into my bloodstream properly and I would have ended up losing my thumb cos it would have decayed my bone."


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