Husky with taped-up mouth left in hot car while bloke goes gambling at casino

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A man has been arrested after he was accused of leaving a husky puppy taped up inside a hot car while he was at a casino.

Video footage shows security staff rescuing the puppy at around 3pm on July 20 and it panting heavily, Mirror reports.

In the clip, a witness can be heard saying "there was a lot of saliva" on the dog when it was found and he "wasn't able to breathe".

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Concerned locals discovered theMetropolitan Police and managed to get it out through the sunroof while informing the authorities of the situation.

Temperatures inside the car were reportedly potentially lethal with highs of 42C recorded that day, though the puppy fortunately survived.

An update on Thursday, July 28, said the puppy was being looked after by animal control but was still receiving medical treatment.

The husky, just three months old, was found in the car of Raul Carbajal, 50, with electrical tape around his mouth.

Carbajal was arrested and accused of animal cruelty as the dog was discovered in direct sunlight in a car on top of a parking garage. His bail was £4,100.

It was reported Carbajal did not ask about the welfare of the dog when he was arrested.

The Las Vegas hotter weather.Department said: "Through our investigation, we discovered the dog had been in the car for nearly two hours without air conditioning, food, or water while the vehicle's owner went inside to gamble."

Huskies are usually found native to cold areas and can struggle in warm weather. Like all dogs, they should never be placed in hot cars.

Las Vegas Police added to their statement: "Do not leave people or animals in hot cars. Period."

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The Siberian Husky Welfare Association insist owners should be extremely careful with their pets in hotter weather.

They said: "Huskies are a danger to themselves in hot weather, and it is up to the owners to be responsible and think for them.

"Whilst humans can sweat, dogs have to vent heat from their mouth and tongue and their long hairs act as insulation to keep heat away from the body, which isn’t nearly as effective.

"The problem is that they often don’t notice they are too hot until it’s too late."


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