Hundreds of great whites lurking in chilling stretch of ocean dubbed Kill Zone

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A secluded stretch of the pacific ocean off the coast of Guadalupe Island could lay claim to being the world's most dangerous spot of water due to its enormous great white shark population.

Known as 'The Kill Zone', the area is a favourite feeding spot for the massive predators who are attracted to the rock by the seals that frequent it.

At any one time under the shimmering, clear blue water countless sharks can be seen circling ominously as they comb the cove for prey.

The area got its name due to the devastating way great whites attack their prey, swimming beneath them and powering up from the bottom to catch them unawares.

Despite the water's fearsome reputation, an aura of mystery hangs around the place as, despite the fact it's a feeding ground, sightings of the fish attacking seals are very rare.

In 2019, a team of scientists set out on a dangerous journey to film definitive proof of the great white's patented hunting technique in the zone.

After securing a ten-day permit from the Mexican Government, the group, led by professor Yannis Papastamatiou set up in the Kill Zone.

Whilst there they deployed a range of innovative techniques to find the secret hunting ground.

By deploying a camera in the shape of a seal the team were able to monitor the shark's hunting behaviour by fooling it into thinking it was prey.

The team also got up close and personal with the sharks in a diving cage and were able to capture chilling footage of the giant killers cruising through the clear sea.

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Thankfully, incidents of sharks attacking people on Guadalupe Island are incredibly rare, although in 2019 a cage diver had a terrifying near-miss with a particularly curious shark.

While diving, a 17-foot clamped its deadly jaws onto Nancy Lasuzzo's cage and began thrashing causing the entire cage to shake.

After several nail-biting moments, the apex predator let go leaving her to dive another day.

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