Hulking female bodybuilder’s fiancé found dead just after wedding was postponed

A bodybuilder has been left heartbroken by the sudden death of her fiancé with their wedding on the horizon.

Leonard van der Mond, 25, was found dead on March 9 near Lake Constance, in Bavaria, Germany, a matter of weeks after posting an Instagram post confessing his love to Tiffany Ritter, 25.

The day before van der Mond died, Ritter announced – with no reason why – that the wedding was postponed.

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Writing the touching Instagram post in January, Leonard said: "Actually, I don't post here, but I dedicate this post to [Tiffany].

"A woman who knows what she wants.

"A woman who genuinely cares about how other people are doing.

"A woman who has more strength and backbone than many men out there.

"A woman who doesn't mince words when something doesn't suit her.

"A woman who leaves her good life behind to start a new life with me."

He went on to give her more details about his infatuation.

"I could list countless other points here as to how she enriches my life and why I believe in you.

"But that shouldn't be the point because I think she knows what I'm trying to say to her.

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"Even if you don't believe in yourself, I do, and I know that you will use the coming time and rock.

"I've rarely seen a woman work so hard on herself.

"I am grateful that you came into my life and that we can redesign the future together, 2023 will be our year."

Physio Ritter and fellow bodybuilder Leonard fell in love through their mutual love of the sport, getting engaged and moving in together shortly afterwards.

van der Mond, who stood at 6ft 3in and weighed 130kg due to marry Ritter but the big day was pushed back after she fell unwell.

The cause of death has not yet been confirmed. Ritter had told German outlet Bild that the wedding would be going ahead soon.

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