Huge tanks patrol over Chinese beach in ‘show of force’ to the US and Taiwan

A battalion of tanks has been spotted patrolling across a beach in China as a US official has planned to visit Taiwan.

Video footage from the Chinese coast captured the chilling display as massive armoured vehicles moving over the sand as crowds of onlookers watched them pass.

The video was shared on Twitter and has gained more than 800 likes and 500 retweets since it was posted at 9am this morning (Tuesday, August 2).

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The tweet reads: "Latest footage circulating on Chinese social media WeChat shows armoured vehicles on the move in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen, as US Speaker Pelosi is reportedly heading to Taipei."

The tanks were also seen in another clip travelling along a highway with no other traffic in sight.

It is believed that the military was parading through the area as a show of force against the US, following reports that Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is expected to visit Taipei, Taiwan today. 

Pelosi is the third-highest ranking official in the US government and a long-time critic of Beijing, who has warned that the US would "pay the price" for her visit.

Twitter users replied with various quips about the intimidating display of force.

One user referenced former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's infamous World War 2 speech, writing: "We will fight them on the beaches…"

Another added: "Haha what a joke… 'look at my big tanks!' – the geopolitical equivalent of a middle-aged man buying a souped-up sports car."

A third said: "Wow, they're really scared of Nancy Pelosi."

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A fourth wrote: "From tan to tank. Thanks."

The reports come after Taiwan’s presidential office website was hit by an overseas cyber attack. It was found malfunctioning and was later brought back online.

Taiwan’s premier Su Tseng-chang was quoted earlier today, without naming the US speaker, that all foreign guests will be “welcomed warmly”, according to Reuters.


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