Huge blow for Putin as F16s mark moment of hope that Russia will ‘lose the war’

President Zelensky gives an address about the ‘special military operation’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Danish lawmakers on Monday for their assistance in resisting Russia’s invasion, and has said he is confident that the new military aid offered will lead to Russia ‘losing the war’.

This comes after Denmark and the Netherlands announced they will provide Ukraine with F-16 warplanes, expected to arrive by the end of the year.

During his visit to Copenhagen, Zelensky warned that if Russia succeeds, Europe could be in danger from further attacks.

He stressed Ukraine’s fight for freedom and democracy against tyranny.

He said: “All of Russia’s neighbours are under threat if Ukraine does not prevail.”

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Speaking to thousands of people outside the Danish Parliament, he added: “Today we are confident that Russia will lose this war.”

Ukraine urgently needed new planes as its current fleet is old and its counteroffensive lacks air support.

Zelensky shared that they’ll receive 42 F-16s, with Denmark pledging 19. These are set to arrive by year-end, after pilot training.

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However, experts say it might take years to be combat-ready. While some training has begun, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte clarified it’s mainly language lessons.

Apart from training, other challenges include maintenance, spare parts, runways, shelters, and weapons supply.

Despite these hurdles, Zelensky’s visit to Denmark marked a show of solidarity as people cheered and waved flags in support of Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

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