Horror as teenagers killed as they are washed away in sewer after storm

Eight people are feared dead after their tour group was washed away when torrential rain caused Moscow’s underground sewers to flood.

The group has been on a guided walk of the Russian capital’s sewers when a torrent of rain led to a raging stream gushing through the tunnels.

A desperate search was underway to find the eight people who were caught in the devastating incident.

So far, the bodies of three teenagers have been found – Gleb Lagashin, 17, his girlfriend Viktoria Schneider, 15, and his 15-year-old cousin Elizaveta Markushina, 15.

The body of one schoolgirl, 15, was said to be washed through an overflow into the Moscow River. She was reportedly found with a lacerated head wound.

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Russian authorities are now working to find and recover others, including Dmitry Markushkin, 47, a public relations chief for Russian IT company Lanit, related to both Gleb and Elizaveta.

A source earlier told Russian news agency TASS: “A group of up to eight people went on a tour of the underground collectors, where they were during a heavy rain.

“No one gets in touch, people are being searched. Currently, the bodies of a man aged about 40 and a girl have been found in the Moscow River. identities are being established,” the source said.

The group was also with a specialist guide identified as Konstantin Filipov, 31. He still remains missing.

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His last message was a plea for help to exit the sewers early at Trubnaya, in Moscow’s north, due to an emergency caused by the heavy rain.

His SMS read: “F***, it’s raining. Can I go out at Trubnaya?” Also missing was Darya Bykova, 34, who had registered to go on the excursion.

After the sudden downpour, all communication with the group was lost. Relatives of the missing turned to the police for help.

Though a total of eight are known to have been on the tour, it’s feared the number could be higher.

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