Homeowner enraged by noisy partygoers allegedly shot man dead

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A homeowner was so angry about noise being made by partygoers outside his flat he allegedly fired an arrow at them, killing a man, according to reports. Archery enthusiast Evarista Scalco, 63, had asked the group to quieten down, but was so frustrated at the disturbance that he grabbed one of three bows he kept at his home in Genoa, Italy.

The arrow allegedly hit Peruvian immigrant Alfredo Javier Romero Miranda, 40, in the liver, according to local media.

It was of a type usually used to hunt boars, police said.

He was out celebrating the birth of a baby boy with friends, drinking and watching the Champions League match between Liverpool and Napoli on Tuesday.

The construction worker, who had lived in Italy for about 20 years, was taken to hospital, but died hours later on the operating table, according to the Secolo XIX local newspaper.

Police were called and went on to arrest Mr Scalco at his flat.

Mr Scalco told police: “I just wanted to sleep. I lost my head when I saw them urinating against the wall. I yelled at them, saying they were behaving badly. I used my bow, but I didn’t want to kill him.”

Officers found three bows and about 60 arrows at his flat, which they seized.

A boat-building worker, Mr Scalco was charged with murder and detained.


He had been living in Genoa for a few weeks while he worked on refitting a large yacht which is reportedly owned by the famous architect Renzo Piano, who designed The Shard in London.

Locals have complained about the centre of Genoa being a magnet for drunks, drug dealers and prostitutes.

Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, said: Mr Scalco told police: “This was a barbaric act. Problems cannot be resolved by acts of violence.”

The Governor of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti said nothing could justify such a reaction.

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