Heartwarming moment toddler tries interpreting for deaf dad for first time ‘So precious!’

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Zach and his daughter Madison were walking through a store when the toddler dropped what was in her hands to tell her father he could hear a baby crying. Madison threw her sponges on the floor, signed and pointed towards the direction of the noise. Zach, who has been teaching Madison sign language, was astounded when the toddler interpreted for him for the first time in a cute clip which has been watched nearly 12 millions times on Tik Tok.

Zach, whose username online is @oursignedworld, was walking through a shop when Madison heard a baby crying in the distance.

A video was then recorded and shared on Tik Tok of Madison letting her dad know a baby was crying.

The video was the caption: “I’m deaf and my daughter is hearing. This is the first time she tried interpreting for me.”

Madison dropped her sponges and brought her hands to her face, imitating crying.

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Zach then repeated the sign and then captioned the video with: “She dropped what was in her hands, signed baby crying and pointed! Wow!!”

Zach and his wife Courtney revealed they are teaching Madison how to speak and use sign language at the same time with Courtney sharing videos of the learning process online.

One of their most popular videos explains how Madison gets the attention of her parents through sign language.

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The short 20-second clip shows Madison adorably flailing her arms towards her dad as he would not be able to hear her shout his name.

Madison also turns to Courtney to get her attention this way before signing the word “Dad”.

Another popular video shows how Courtney speaks to Madison using sign language as the toddler shows the sign for “elephant”.

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Madison then turns around to get her elephant cuddly toy in a cute clip.

@Oursignedworld has nearly 400,000 followers and hail from California as they document their lives and how they deal with a deaf member of the family.

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