Hairdresser, 29, left paralysed for life after freak accident at trampoline park

A fit and healthy hairdresser is now paralysed for life after a freak accident at a trampoline park.

Matthew John is now wheelchair bound following the horrific incident at Flip Out adventure park in Manchester.

The 29-year-old was enjoying a day out with a friend and her young son when he landed “funny” on a trampoline and caught his head between two bits of metal.

His neck and back snapped and he was instantly paralysed from the chest down, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Matthew had been attempting a flip when he damaged his spinal chord, with medics telling him he may never walk again.

He has been recovering in hospital for the last ten weeks, unable to see friends or family.

"I am just learning how to get myself dressed and in and out of my wheelchair with the help of physiotherapists," Matthew said.

"I don't think any of it has really sunk in yet. There have been lots of ups and downs.

"I am a mobile hairdresser and obviously I have no income at the moment because I am stuck in hospital and unable to work.

"Even when I come home, now that I am in a wheelchair it is going to be very difficult to do hair."

Matthew added: "I would just love to get any kind of normality back right now.

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“I just want to feel as normal as possible.

"It's going to be a huge adjustment for me and because of Covid-19, I've not been able to see anyone whilst I have been in hospital.

"I have not seen anyone for several weeks apart from the same nurses every day."

Matthew’s friends have launched a donation page to raise the funds required for a specialist wheelchair which will allow the hairdresser to work.

So far £2,8882 has been donated by 172 well-wishers towards the £20,000 target.

The page reads: “We would love to give Matt his independence back again and get him back doing what he does best… Hair! We know anything is possible right?

“There is a special custom made wheelchair that he needs to enable him to stand and do hair (And lots of other stuff too)

“We just need to raise around £20k or more as they are super expensive and at this moment in time he is getting no income as he is self employed.”

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