Gruesome moment CCTV catches 2 men carrying bag ‘with dead body stuffed inside’

A former police officer and an accomplice have been caught on CCTV hauling a heavy suitcase along the pavement which allegedly contained the body of dead sex worker stuffed inside.

The body of Julieth Jhoann Alvarez Mejia, a 22-year-old sex worker, was found in the bag on Friday January 14, in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga.

The suspect, identified by police as Edwin Yesid Ardila, 33, went to the city's Centennial Park in the early hours of Friday morning to pick up a sex worker.

It has been reported that the former policeman, who was said to be high on "psychoactive substances", agreed to go back to the victim's home, where he then suffocated her to death at around 5am for "no reason at all".

The former cop, who was kicked out of the police force more than 10 years ago for drug addiction and mental health issues, let the victim's body sit in the flat for a shocking 12 hours, until he allegedly maneuvered the body into the fetal position and put it in a bag, at around 5.30pm.

Yesid Ardila then dragged the bag along the street with the help of an unnamed accomplice, who was under the assumption the bag was filled with rubble.

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The pair dumped the bag on the corner of two streets near to Bolivar Park, where it was found by a passerby.

The accomplice later spilled the beans on the former police officer, claiming he didn't know there was dead sex-worker inside the bag and claimed that Yesid Ardila has lied about what was inside.

The police subsequently arrested Yesid Ardila.

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Newsflash reports at the charges hearing that psychologist Sonia Ayala said: “He is a person with severe mental health issues. He did not even think about what he had done, the only concern he had was how to get rid of the body.”

The suspect is being held in custody as the investigation continues.

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