Gravedigger discovers woman clinging to life inside bricked up tomb

A woman in Brazil has lived everyone’s nightmare as she was discovered buried alive by police. The 36-year-old had been entombed overnight after an altercation with two masked men who assaulted and buried her. The woman was freed at the Municipal Cemetery of Visconde do Rio Branco, Minas Gerais State, on the morning of 28th March.

Police in Brazil found the woman, who had been assaulted and bricked up in a tomb, after hearing her cries for help.

Gravediggers had called the police after noticing that the niche had been freshly sealed with bricks and cement and that bloodstains were present.

The tomb was not a typical coffin beneath the ground, rather it was a small box built into a brick wall. 

When officers arrived on the scene, they heard the woman crying for help, opened the tomb, and freed her.

She was then taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for head injuries.

The Municipality of Visconde do Rio Branco said in a statement: “Despite the fact that the area where the incident occurred is partially closed, and even with increased security, invasions continue to occur, mainly by drug users, due to the disastrous situation in which the Municipal Cemetery was found by the current administration.”

The woman told how two masked men took her to the cemetery, where they assaulted her and sealed her in the tomb.

The Military Police described her as a drug user and said she had been keeping drugs for the pair but had “misplaced” them.

The Civil Police, however, gave the motive as a dispute over a firearm.

At the time of reporting, officers were searching for the perpetrators, who have both reportedly been identified.

It is not clear how long the woman spent in the niche.

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