Google Maps users bemused after spotting downed jet stranded in rainforest

Eagle-eyed Google Maps users have been left baffled after they spotted what appears to be a downed passenger jet in a rainforest.

The image seems to show a plane positioned among the trees in broad daylight in north Queensland, Australia.

The aircraft could have been flying increasingly low over the Cardwell Range between Townsville and Cairns.

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It appears to be in good condition. However, it remains unclear whether it was stationary in the photo.

The grey twin-engine, unmarked plane is off course from fixed flight routes, reports the Daily Mail.

It has been reported that the plane looks like a standard Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 when the image is zoomed in on.

The plane, if off the ground, appears to be heading south on a course that would fly to the east of Townsville.

The Cairns Post was told by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau that it was unaware of any missing passenger jets.

“There appears to be a phenomenon called ghost images and that could be what this is,” CASA said in a statement.

However, the theory of a 'ghost' image has not been confirmed by Google, although they do appear on Google Maps from time to time.

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In 2016, eagle-eyed Maps users thought they had seen a plane pictured at the bottom of Lake Harriet in the US state of Minnesota.

However, that turned out to be a 'ghost' image, with the Maps satellite image a composite of several images.

Google Maps has previously been used to solve long-standing mysteries.

In 2019, a user managed to direct Florida police to a submerged car where they found the body of a man missing for more than 20 years.

William Moldt went missing while heading home from a club in 1997 at the age of 40.

A Google Maps user spotted a murky image of the car in a pond, which Moldt seemingly ended up in after losing control of his vehicle.

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