Google Maps user spots street sign with chilling threat to Israeli lives

A Google Maps user found a sign on Street View that posed a threat to Israeli lives in a zone claimed by the Palestinian Authority.

The Reddit user u/michael14375 had his post locked after finding what he described as a 'depressing sign' and sparked a debate on the forum.

Michael wrote: "Was exploring street view and found this depressing sign."

The big red sign he found on Ariha, Aqabat Jabr in Isreal contained an ominous warning to Israeli citizens in three languages, including English.

It read: "The road leads to Area A. Under the Palestinian Authority, entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden.

"Dangerous to your lives and is against the Israeli law."

Area A is an area under Palestinian political and military control, that contains major cities including Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus.

According to the website, Welcome to Palestine, Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter this area but Israeli armed forces conduct regular raids, often at night, since 2002.

Another user on the subreddit r/GoogleMaps named SafetyNoodle explained: "Entry into area A, the part of the West Bank under full Palestinian administration, is technically illegal for Israeli citizens under Israeli law.

"However, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that there can't be any punishment for violating this law.

"In practice, Arab citizens of Israel can visit area A, but Jewish citizens of Israel should be very careful about it.

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"If you are not Arab and are found with only Israeli identification in many Palestinian cities in the West Bank, you might be at risk of violence.

"Regardless of your status, everyone generally passes through security checkpoints when leaving area A."

But many of the comments turned into a tit-for-tat debate between some users that included distressing comments about bombing children.

As a result, the comments were locked and some were removed by moderators but the post has not been removed.

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