Glam mum gets ‘death stares’ for wearing tight dresses in Tesco but doesn’t care

A glamorous mum says she gets "death stares" for wearing tight dresses when she shops in her local Tesco.

Fellow customers will "shoot daggers" at Raekay Bennett, as a result of her choice of outfit, the TikTok star revealed on social media.

But the 23-year-old says she refuses to change her style just because she became a mum last October.

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Raekay, from Neath, South Wales, whose posts giving out fashion and beauty tips have so far received 6.5million likes, appeared in a recent viral video wearing a short, figure-hugging black dress, gold earrings and bright red lipstick, reports WalesOnline.

In her video she explained: "(This is) Me walking round Tesco on my weekly shop, dressed like this, pushing my baby, getting death stares off the ‘can I speak to the manager’ hair cut women."

"Oh bore off ini," said Raekay, before bemoaning the assumption that once you've had a child you must suddenly dress like 'a mum'.

"It’s like they want to see you in denim overalls crying instead," she added.

Her post has already drawn a huge reaction from other mothers on TikTok, including one who said: "People expect you to stop being you once you have a baby."

Another added: "I wore a dress the other day and got out of my car to put the pram up and you’d swear people have never seen a woman with baby wear a dress."

A third asked: "Why can't we normalise looking hot in shops in pretty dresses?"

Raekay, a drama graduate whose real name is Rachel, also received plenty of complements from her followers.

"You look amazing," "Stunning" and "Don't stop being you" were among the many shouts of encouragement posted in response to the clip.

In a previous interview Raekay – whose page you can see here – described her online audience as "imaginary friends that I feel really connected to.

"When you're younger there is such pressure to fit in, so if you see someone on the internet completely being themselves it could make others feel okay to do the same."


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