GB News Mark Dolan warns BBC licence fee to change or die in stirring rant

BBC licence fee: Battle 'not weakening' says campaigner

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The presenter branded the licence fee “hated” and referenced a John Humphrys column urging the broadcaster to be rid of it. Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Humphrys claimed it is unreasonable to ask people who own a television set to pay £159 a year – as many may not even watch the BBC.

“It is simply unacceptable to charge people a fee for something they may not be using,” he wrote.

His views were praised on the GB News programme as Mr Dolan agreed with his statement, claiming that subscription based services have skyrocketed in popularity, making people move away from traditional TV.

“In this multi-channel environment in which people choose to pay for various subscription services including Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus and Britbox, predicating ownership of a television set for the privilege of watching any of these channels is illogical and morally unjustified,” he said.

“Particularly when it involves going after struggling pensioners and threatening them with prison for not paying.

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“Life without a TV to millions of older people in this country is simply not an option given the comfort it gives them and the connection to the outside world.”

From 1987 to 2019, Mr Humphrys was a presenter for the BBC Radio 4 breakfast programme Today and presented the Nine O’Clock News.

The decision to scrap the exemption for people aged 75 and over has caused further controversy in the country.

“The BBC faces a simple choice – change or die,” Mr Dolan said.

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“And the first step is to scrap the hated licence fee.”

The GB News presenter did go on to say that the BBC has achieved amazing milestones in broadcast history but insisted that the licence fee “has got to go”.

“Though far from perfect, I think the BBC is a great British institution and has produced some of the greatest comedy shows, documentaries, drama and news coverage the world has ever seen,” he said.

“But the party is over and the TV tax has got to go.”

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