Gas prices drop below $1 in Nova Scotia as Utility and Review Board invokes interrupter clause

Gas prices in Nova Scotia have plummeted after the province’s Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) invoked its interrupter clause in the wake of significant shifts in the gasoline and diesel oil market.

For those looking to fill up at a Halifax-area pump on Wednesday, expect to see a price of 95.3 cents a litre, down from a price of 105.9 cents a litre last week.

In Cape Breton, the price of a litre of gas has fallen from $1.078 last week to 97.3 cents this week.

Residents of Lunenburg and Kings counties and parts of Annapolis County should expect to see a price of 95.9 cents per litre instead of $1.065.

In Yarmouth, Digby, Shelburn and Queens counties, the price has dropped to 96.4 cents per litre, down from $1.069.

In Guysborough, Antigonish, Pictou and Colchester counties, the price of a litre of gas has dropped to 96.5 cents down from $1.07 the previous week.

The new minimum in Cumberland County is 96.5 cents a litre, also down from $1.07 per litre the previous week.

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