Frozen humans could be brought back to life in just 70 years, expert claims

Humans frozen using cryo technology could be brought back to life in just 70 years' time, an expert has claimed.

Valeriya Udalova is the chief executive of Russian cryopreservation company KrioRus.

She claims that there are 94 frozen people currently found at their base in Moscow.

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Each one has spent around £36,000 on the service, while some have gone the more grim route of just having their brains frozen for the smaller sum of around £8,700.

Many of them have been there since the early 2000s, the Daily Mail claims, and they could be unfrozen and living again at some point in the next 70 years – although funding could be an issue.

She said: “Rapid development of cryobiology of large objects – organs and animals – is hindered by extremely low funding of this branch of science.

“But even in such a deplorable situation, remarkable experiments have already been made, for example, on reversible cryopreservation of a rat kidney using gas persufflation with nanoparticles and induction heating.”

One major problem for humans willingly stuffed into a chamber with anti-freeze pumped through their veins is that nobody really knows what state the body will be in when it unfreezes.

And this, Valeriya explained, is where people who have just had their brains frozen come into the very bizarre equation.

“It's probably easier to create new, artificial bodies,” she explained.

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“Many animals can go into anabiosis, some can freeze and thaw. For example, worms, frogs, Siberian anglerfish.

“I don't think that human metabolism can be radically restructured so that we also go into anabiosis like animals.”

As it stands, nobody has ever been successfully revived after being cryogenically frozen.

The first man to undergo the freezing process was James Bedford, who was 73 in 1967.

He had terminal cancer and did actually die at the time, but his body was put into a facility in Arizona, United States, and has been kept frozen in a giant metal tube ever since.

He was born in 1893 which, if Valeriya is right, could make him around 200 years old by the time he's unfrozen.

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